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What Are The Different Types Of Signs?

Signs come in many shapes, colors, and types. There are millions of uses for signs, and we walk past hundreds every day without even noticing some of them. They tell us which way to go, what a business is and does, how to drive, and many other things throughout our days. In building, there are signs with arrows and names helping us to navigate our way to where we need to be. We would be lost if we did not have any signs to direct us and guide us.

Signs have become a part of everyday life, and people the whole world over have come to rely on them. Pictograms are included on many signs so that they can be universally read in all languages. Sidewalk signs are intended to be placed upon the pavement or sidewalk in front of your establishment, advertising your business. These can sometimes include a chalkboard portion which allows you to change the message as often as you wish with no additional costs to you.

Banners can be made from several different materials, including PVC and mesh, and these signs can be very noticeable and effective. Banners are easy to put up and take down, and they can be custom created to any size you require. Billboards are another type of signs, and these can be found along roads and highways advertising a number of business types. These are usually large ads that catch the attention of passing motorists using colors, graphics, and creative messages.

Magnetic signs offer magnetic backing, and they will stick to anything that is composed of some metal. This includes appliances, vehicles, and more. We all have refrigerator magnets that have cute pictures or sayings, and magnetic signs have become more popular with businesses to use on company vehicles to advertise. Political campaigns also create signs that are put up in residential yards and private businesses to give a politician more exposure before an election. These signs litter yards all across America at certain times during the year, and they are very visible to people passing by.

Decals are also signs, but this type does have some drawbacks. Unlike magnetic backing, decals work with a gum or sticky residue that adheres the decal to the surface. This can create problems removing these types of signs, and there is always a stickiness left after the decal comes off that must be removed with either soap and water or a cleaning solvent.

Traffic signs are ones used to direct traffic, post speed limits, and direct drivers for certain actions. These are posted along all roads and highways to create safe travel and personal safety. These signs are intended to make driving simple and to allow for navigation of places easier as well. These also include road and highway markers that identify the road and direction you are on.

Real estate signs are used by Realtors to advertise a property that is for sale. These usually include the name, phone number, and real estate agency of the Realtor listing the house, making it easy for anyone who sees a Realtor sign to contact them about the property for sale.

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