About Adam

Joined HFE:

I started working at HFE Signs in May 2014

My Role at HFE:

Digital Printer - I’m one of the people at HFE who makes your ideas for signs, banners etc into reality. I pre-check, accuracy, colours and any other detail and print your products to the correct media ready for the production team who will apply the finishing touches.

Brief professional background:

I’ve has a varied career, from working behind a bar, to safety checking trains, and during this time I also went to college to study computing & graphics which lead me to where I am today.

Hobbies out of work:

In my spare time I enjoy cycling, I really like just going for a ride and seeing where I end up, you see a lot more of your surroundings on a bike than you do when driving in the car.

Claims to fame:

Before my Mum met my Dad, she used to date Tony Blackburn (the radio 2 DJ). If they'd not broken up then he could of been my dad.!