About Dave

Joined HFE:

I started working at HFE Signs in January 2007

My Role at HFE:

I am the workshop manager. I ensure that the day to day operational smoothness of the work from the design stage to parcelling up for our couriers to collect. I maintain a safe working environment for all staff.

Brief professional background:

I completed a Time-served engineering apprenticeship at Thorn EMI Electronics, Naval Systems Division, specialising in electronic R & D for weapons guidance systems. I worked within the gaming industry for Bass Leisure, repairing fruit machines, pinball tables and arcade machines. I also worked at Crestchic doing electrical design work – this is where I met Karl

Hobbies out of work:

Mountain biking (on proper courses.... not just down to the shops!) - Cycling sportives (Road racing) - Running - Watching live music - Rebuilding a 1978 Bedford motorhome

Claims to fame:

I am a fully qualified yachtmaster, I raced in the 2007 Fastnet series. I also sailed the Atlantic (East to West) in 2005 ARC rally.