About Jacob

Joined HFE:

I started working at HFE Signs in April 2012

My Role at HFE:

I began in the production department, making the banners and signs. Graduating up to printing. I run the UV flat-bed printer to produce the rigid signs and print the pavement signs. I also run the larger printer in the workshop which is used for producing the wider banners. The printing process includes important points such as colour matching and eyelet placing as well as quality control.

Brief professional background:

I studied graphic design in college which has helped give me a good eye when checking the artwork for printing.

I have worked as a grounds man at Uttoxeter Racecourse.

Hobbies out of work:

I am restoring a 1978 bay window Volkswagen bus.

I enjoy producing you-tube videos, music, drawing/painting, photography and pc gaming.

Claims to fame:

I was once interviewed by Derek “Tommo” Thompson live on TV.