About Jessica

Joined HFE:

December 2016

My Role at HFE:

I am a member of the Design & Sales team here at HFE Signs. I am currently training under the supervision of Beth to guide customers through their orders and design a multitude of products advertised on our website. My role is ensuring that the customer is happy right from the first point of contact through to them receiving their product. Designing is a passion of mine and designing products that a customer loves is really rewarding!

Brief professional background:

I studied a BA in Illustration at The University of Central Lancashire and graduated with a 2.1 in 2016. Since University I have done a few freelance jobs such as wedding invitations and business card designs as well as working in retail for a while! HFE Signs is my first full time role since graduating.

Hobbies out of work:

I enjoy creating outside of my job too by making personalised greetings cards for friends and family- I live and breathe design! I also like to travel around the country and visiting my University friends to explore the nightlife of different cities. I always have a book on the go, especially for my travels- train journeys go much faster when you’re not counting the minutes!

Claims to fame:

I once met the Chuckle Brothers in a nightclub and had a photo with them!