About Beth

Joined HFE:

I started working at HFE Signs in January 2009

My Role at HFE:

I’m the Graphic Design/Sales Manager, its my job to guide and help the sales team in their job. We are the first point of call for all the customers, where we finalise all the designs up ready for print. I’m lucky enough to work with a bunch of great people so this makes my role very easy. I like to approach my role with a friendly and helpful attitude, both with my customers and my collegues.

Brief professional background:

I attended Derby University where I got a 2.1 degree in Graphic Design. Since graduating HFE has been my first full time job where I started as a member of the graphic design/sales team and was promoted a few years later to manager of this department.

Hobbies out of work:

I am a part time superhero so while I’m not at work I like to save the world but when I get a free minute I enjoy socialising with my friends and going to the cinema.

Claims to fame:

This is still a work in progress.................