Banner Stands & Displays

We have a variety of both indoor and outdoor display systems available to suit your budget, whether it’s a for a mobile presentation, backdrop, exhibition stand, outdoor event or just a stand in a hotel lobby we’re confident we can help.

Spare prints are available for all our range of Banner Stands & Displays.


Banner Stands & Displays

Banner Stands are a popular way of advertising your business. They can be used to carry a range of marketing and sales messages, with companies using indoor and outdoor display items depending on the availability of space.

Display banners work particularly well where there is either footfall from passing pedestrians or on a road where there are plenty of passing motorists / passengers who are able to quickly understand what is available.

Banner Stands come in all shapes and sizes. Roll up banners are one of the most popular types of display items, with Budget Roll up banners pretty cost-effective and starting from as little as £60. Light block print material is used which is anti-curl and wipe-proof to ensure that these products are visually effective.

You can choose to have a Roll up banner as a one-sided or double-sided product depending on where you choose to position this display banner. There are tall roll-up banners which have a more stunning effect, especially if you have something visually striking to appear on them.

There is also Thunder. As the name suggests, this is a double-sided retractable outdoor banner which is stronger and durable than your average display banner. Despite its considerable strength and durability, this is a banner that is easy to assemble and has a padded bag included which holds everything including the poles.

Our Banner Stands also include Soft Ground Banners which are part of a Post System. As the name suggests, these Banner Displays are perfect where you have soft ground such as a field or turf where poles can be planted into the ground. The adjustable height is ideal for positioning the banner correctly and the banners take minutes to erect.

Any number of businesses have ordered Standard Duty Banner Frames which are double-sided outdoor “A” frame banners. Even though they are made of aluminium, you will find these products withstand wind speeds up to 24mph which means a reliable display product whatever the elements are.

The Banner Stands and Displays at HFE cater for all budgets and there is the Horizon for those wanting to spend a bit more to achieve the desired effect. From £325, this is a maximum exposure display unit, with the banner system available either single-sided or double-sided.

As with all HFE banners, you can order by 11am and know that you qualify for next day delivery, something that helps you turn around your products in a short space of time. There is free UK mainland delivery when you order two or more banner stands and the free design service allows you to bring your ideas and graphics to the table.

The range of Banner Stands means you won’t be short of options when it comes to projecting sales and marketing messages in an outdoor or indoor environment. All angles have been covered so that any form of business can find the right products at competitive prices.