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Pavement signs & A-Boards designed for indoor or outdoor use. These professional pavement display signs are sure to give your customers a superb first impression.

All our panel Pavement Signs include full colour prints to both sides.

Spares are available for our full range of pavement signs, we are unable to guarantee that our spares will fit pavement signs from other suppliers.

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We have put together this range of pavement signs offering a pavement sign solution to fit every budget. All our signs are nicely finished to give the maximum impact on the street. Remember the quality of your display sign reflect your image so choosing the right display sign is important. The most popular pavement advertising signs are the swinging signs (swinger 2000, swinger 3000 and swinger 4000). The swinging signs are very good in windy places as the moving panel allows the wind to pass through this type of pavement sign without causing the whole sign to blow over in strong winds. Swinging pavement signs come in a range of sizes as listed above, another good advantage to the singing signs are the interchangeable panels - you can purchase printed panels and change your message at any time without the cost of buying additional complete signs (see ‘Spare printed panels’ above). A-boards or a-frame pavement signs are also a very popular choice. All our pavement signs include full colour printing with attractive designs on both sides – ensuring you get the most out of you street sign. We offer solutions for pavement signs with changeable poster displays, chalk panel signs and also permanent pavement sign advertising. The EcoFlex pavement sign offers the best stability in windy places and has been tested in wind speeds up to 70mph. The Sightmaster pavement signs are also good in the wind and robust due to the spring mount design attaching it to the water or sand filled base. HFE offer a chalk surface finish for the full range of pavement signs - even the poster display pavement signs can have chalk inserts which can me removed and switched with posters at any time. Panel pavement signs can also be supplied with a chalk panel if required.

The rustic A-board pavement sign is exclusive to HFE Signs! The design of the Rustic A-board is something we’ve developed to allow a quick change of panels and you can even reverse them. The Rustic a-boards are popular with the National Trust, farm shops and café shops around the UK providing a rustic looking pavement sign at a cost effective price with the added advantages of interchangeable panels.

Who needs pavement signs and how will they help my business?

Pavement signs are crucial form of outdoor advertising for all retail outlets and shops. As the heavy footfall passes your store a well designed bold and attractive pavement sign will be sure to capture the attention of passers-by. In the fast paced world we now live in you can’t afford to sit back with your fingers crossed hoping for success, you need to be pro-active and shout about your services, offers and current promotions and a pavement sign is the perfect way to do this. At HFE, we have put together a wide range of pavement signs and displays to suite every application for both indoor and outdoor needs.