Feather Flags & Sail Banners

Feather banners, sail banners and quills are large free standing self-contained advertising display flags. They are portable and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Due to the size and design they are sure to have a big impact wherever they are displayed. You will often see these at outdoor events, car showrooms, gyms, hotels and almost any outdoor promotional event. We have a variety of bases available to suite the ground and method of intended use. Flags are dye-sublimation printed on a knitted polyester, this offers durability and bright colours to both sides. All flags are trimmed to shape, stitch overlocked to prevent fraying and stitch hemmed with elasticated pole pocket to ensure a snug fit at all times. All flags are suitable for 13-18mph winds (beaufort scale 4)

Note: Due to the heat transfer method used to fix the print to the fabric, a slight residue can sometimes be seen in the print, often this is not noticeable and gets washed out in the rain. If you do notice residue (can be mistaken for running ink) your flag will benefit form a cold (30deg max) machine wash, this will remove the residue and sharpen up your print. See Flag Care Instructions


All our feather banners, sail banners and quills are available to design and order online 24/7.

Single Sided Flags are printed on one side with a 95% bleed through to give a double sided product, the 95% bleed side is always a mirror image of the printed side.

Double Sided Flags are printed each side with a block out in between to prevent 'ghosting'. Double sided can also have mixed artwork.