Spares & Accessories

Spares and accessories are available to assist you with fitting, attaching and mounting, we also offer spare panels for the complete range of pavement signs, these can be found here.

Ties for Banner Frame

Banner Frame Tie

From £ 1.60

Small Stand-offs

From £ 5.75
Sign Post Clips

Sign Post Clip

From £ 4.28
Plastic Squeegee


From £ 1.00
Sign Frames

Sign Frames

From £ 33.60

Large Stand-offs

From £ 8.09
Sign Suction Cups

Suction Cup (Rigid)

From £ 1.95
Security Snap Frames

Security Frame Tool

From £ 2.50
Sign Post Cap

Sign Post Cap

From £ 1.50
Aslan Squeegee

Felt Squeegee

From £ 13.25
Budget Flag Ground Spike

Budget Spike Base

From £ 6.41
Flag Spare Poles

Flag Spare Poles

From £ 24.16