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As government legislation gets increasingly complex, so does the health and safety signage required by law for many businesses. Whether it is a simple ‘No Smoking’ sign or a more complex ‘Site Safety’ sign, HFE Signs Health & Safety Library has them all.

Arranged into categories for easy navigation, or simply search, our library contains hundreds of ready to use and more importantly, compliant safety signs. Our complete library is vectored, meaning we can scale to any size without pixilation or distortion.


Our full range of safety signs meet the requirements set out by the government. If you can’t find the safety signs you are looking for, we are able to customize any of our range to suit your specific needs. Warning signs are a crutial 

With HFE Signs you can rest assured your safety signage meets the governments safety signs criteria.

Safety Signs are becoming increasingly vital in the workplace. Government legislation has never been stricter when it comes to health and safety, which means that businesses have to act accordingly to stay within the set guidelines.

Safety and Warning Signs are widely available at HFE, with these products helping businesses to ensure they comply with the terms and conditions, not to mention the avoidance of any accidents or injury to employees.

Some companies simply need a handful of Safety Signs such as No Smoking and Emergency Exit Signs, although there are industries where a broader range of signage is required, including building and construction where there are more potential hazards lurking in the workplace.

Fire Action notices are required across the board, whether employees need to know what to do in the event of a fire, which door to exit the building from and the location of the meeting point so that heads can be counted. These signs are put in place for drills and in the event of an actual fire.

The range of safety signs at HFE have been designed and created to fully comply with the latest government legislation, although there is the option to modify any products should you wish to put more emphasis on a certain warning or instruction when it comes to Safety Signs.

There are several categories of Warning Signs and Danger Signs that are available for businesses to buy. These are available in a range of materials depending on personal preference, whether the signage will be used indoors / outdoors and the type of workplace you have.

Site Safety Signs alert people to a variety of potential hazards and dangers, including ramp, asbestos, construction sites, demolition. The signs can also carry instructions such as helmets and ear protectors needing to be worn. There might even be call for a high visibility jacket to be adorned and tough-wearing boots too.

Fire Action signs are vital in the event of a fire or a fire drill. It’s vital that instructions are marked out so that people are able to clearly read what steps need to be taken whether they are exiting a building, factory or shop. There might also be call for a fire to be extinguished, whether it’s using an extinguisher or hose.

Danger warning signs can come in all forms too. There could be a fragile roof, men working overhead or deep excavations. A more commonly-seen sign relates to a slippery floor surface which is often the result of floors being scrubbed down whether that is by the cleaners or a by-product of a particular job.

At HFE, there are a range of cost-effective Safety Signs which means all angles can be covered by ordering enough products to ensure optimum safety for all employees. We are able to create bespoke display items should you feel something different is required and we are highly experienced when it comes to the creation of Warning Signs for your business.