About Steve

Joined HFE:

September 2021

My Role at HFE:

As a Production Worker I assist in the development, packaging and manifesting of your order. This means that I have a part to play in the eyeleting of banners, cutting out of dibond panels and labelling of packaged orders

Brief professional background:

I have had two prior jobs in the warehouse production field and one in the printing, packaging, and manifesting field. Alongside employment, I studied a BSc in Biomedical Science between 2017-2021 and (as of 2022) I am studying towards a MSc in Molecular Biology.

Hobbies out of work:

Maintaining good health through exercise and a healthy diet is daily routine of mine, but this does not mean that I am not an avid filmgoer and gamer. I also enjoy getting involved in local politics.

Claims to fame:

I had a great chat with Michael McIntyre in a Debenhams in Swansea whilst visiting the area with my local Scout Troop in 2012.