Applying your static window cling

Applying Static Window Cling

Clean your window using window cleaner, ensure no traces of grease or dirt are left on the window as this will cause the static cling to peel and fall off.


Ensure the window is ‘squeaky’ clean and dry.

Remember static cling can be applied both ways, i.e. print facing to the outside (printed side against the glass) or print facing inside (printed side not against the glass).

It is best to have a helper to hold the material with you, great care must be taken not to stretch the material as this will prevent it fitting smooth and flat against the window.

Peel back a top corner and apply it to the window, slowly work the material at 45deg diagonally across the window, using either a soft cloth or preferably a felt squeegee.

You can carefully peel back and re-apply if you get trapped air or the print goes offline.

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