Banner Finishing

Hem and eyelets is the most popular choice of finish as it allows great flexibility in terms of how you secure your banner.  Eyelets are rust proof and equally spaced on all sides (roughly 600mm apart or whatever equally divides).

Hem and cord, is when a strong (blue) nylon cord is sealed into the hem, this allows for the banner to be tied between two points top and bottom, the tension in the chord must be pulled and tied tight to prevent the banner drooping. As standard this option comes with a 2m (1m each side) length of cord extending from the banner to allow it to be tied, should you need this longer it must be specified in the comments box when ordering.

Clean trim, is when the banner print is carefully cut out, this makes for a very flat and easy to roll print but leaving the mounting options with the user, this option is most commonly used if the banner is being used indoors and mounted by Velcro tape or double sided tape.

Pole pockets, are when the banner has a heat welded pocket to allow a scaffold pole through it, this option is the preferred choice for scaffold banners, this option is often used with overhanging banners. If being hung indoors a pole pocket at the bottom allows for a weight to prevent the banner from curling. The pocket is set to a fixed size to take a standard scaffold pole of 48.3mm diameter. We can't adjust the pole pocket size as the tooling we use is fixed, you can however use a smaller diameter bar in the standard pocket.

Note: Pole pockets (Sides) has the option to have the tops closed or open. Closed will not allow for a pole to pass all the way through, this option is designed for a Banner to sit on two vertical poles without sliding down. Open allows for the pole to pass completely through the banner as with the (Top & Bottom) option. If you are unsure please call us on 01283 576017