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100 Banner Zip Ties

Zip Ties

Banner Zip Ties are sold in packs of 100. Please enter in the quantity box how many packs of 100 you require.

Banner ties are 200mm in length and can be joined together to lengthen them, however for strength reasons, we don't recommend joining more than three making a total length of just under 600mm (see image)

Banner ties are a once use item, when you take your banner down the ties are cut and then redundant and can't be re-used.

How many do I need?

We always advise that PVC Banners are secured using ALL of the eyelets. We space your eyelets at roughly 2ft (610mm) apart this provides adequate tension and prevents drooping. Banner Zip Ties come in packs of 100, so in most cases one pack is plenty.


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