About HFE Online Designer

We have taken great care during the develop of the HFE Online Designer, our main considerations were for the system to be as user friendly as possible, to cover the most common required features for professional design and for the designer to be available to all our customisable and bespoke products.

The canvas (background) is automatically sized according to the product size in your basket, double sided products can be designed with the sides different and the system allows you to copy side 1 to side 2 if you have a double sided product in your basket.

Key features included in the Exclusive HFE Online Designer

Canvas colour -  Allows for background colour to be set

Gradient – Allows for Liner or Radial for fills and/or canvas

Design Grid  - To assist with alignment

Alignment tools – For absolute alignment of elements or to canvas

Layer – To bring elements in front or behind each other

Pencil – Freehand drawing

Line – Straight lines

Text – Insert text with a selection of fonts available with bold & italic

Size – Adjusts selected text size (this is point size, not mm or inches)

Zoom – Zoom in and out to assist with detailed design

Orientation – If you intend on mounting your signs / banners rotated

Duplicate Element – Quick & easy way to copy elements

Delete Element – Removes selected element from design

Opacity – Fades selected element

Stroke – Adjusts the selected elements outline thickness

Import Image – Insert your own files, images or logos

Save – When logged on you can save and return to your design

Bottom Menu

My Designs – Here you can access any of your previous designs created using the Online Designer.

Tabs are available to allow you to insert a range of images and shapes.

Add Comments / Advise – Allows you to pass on any important information about your design, for example if colours are important Pantone References, or any information to help us ensure your design is as you require.


All elements, including text can be re-sized or rotated by using the boundary box, holding SHIFT will snap rotation in 45deg intervals and will maintain proportions when re-sizing.

HFE Mono Banners consist of black text only on a white banner material. When using the Online Designer to create Mono Banners, all colour and image related options are disabled.


1) Any imported files can only be printed to the resolution of the file you import, 300dpi is best for inserts. If in doubt speak to one of the team on 01283 576017.

2) By uploading files you acknowledge that you have permission from the copyright holder to reproduce these images.