DPI With Digital Printing

Digital Printing DPI (Dots per inch)

The digital printing process is made up by mixing small dots of colour cyan, magenta, yellow and black(CMYK). The software and the printer will determine the mix required to give a visual of the desired colour. When looking closely, you will be able to see the individual dots particularly with lighter and pastel colours, however when you move back you will see the dots as an overall and the colour will look as it is supposed to. The digital print process is not designed, nor is capable of producing magazine quality. Digital printers are designed for larger signs, larger posters, vinyl and banner printing.

All our print is processed at 1440dpi on lower scan speeds meaning we produce the best resolution achievable from our digital machines. For larger banners of 8ft and over we print at 720dpi, where the recommended production is 360dpi. We understand the print resolution is important to you and clarity of your banner must be as high as possible, even if it is 50ft long!

We do offer samples, so if you are unsure please get a sample before you commit.