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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Labels


Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Labels

Personalised BS5306 Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Labels

Make it easy for your customers to contact you in the future by adding your logo and contact details to your Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Labels.

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HFE include the following as standard

  • High resolution sharp 1440dpi print
  • UV Stable, UV curable inks for added durability
  • Waterproof vinyl for indoor or outdoor use
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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Labels: Ensuring Safety & Compliance


Safety is paramount in any environment, whether at home, in the office, or in industrial settings. Fire extinguishers are a crucial safety component, but they are only effective when maintained properly. This is where Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Labels come into play. Not only do they ensure that fire extinguishers are checked and serviced regularly, but they also ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Importance of Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Labels

Safety Assurance: Regular maintenance checks ensure that fire extinguishers are in working order and can be relied upon in emergencies.

Regulatory Compliance: Many jurisdictions require regular inspections of fire extinguishers. Maintenance labels provide a clear record of these checks.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that your fire extinguishers have been checked and are in good working condition offers peace of mind to occupants and property owners.

Features of Our Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Labels:

Durable Material: Our labels are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring that they don't fade or wear out easily.

Easy-to-Read: Clear print and indicators make it easy to determine the last service date and the condition of the equipment.

Adhesive Quality: They stick well to various surfaces ensuring they don't peel off easily.

Weather Resistant: Designed to resist water and extreme temperatures, making them suitable for various environments.

Why Choose Our Maintenance Labels?

Quality Assurance: We prioritise the quality and durability of our labels, ensuring they serve their purpose effectively.

Affordable Pricing: Quality doesn't always mean expensive. We offer competitive prices for our top-notch labels.

Fast Delivery: We understand the importance of safety and compliance, hence we ensure timely delivery of our products.

Application & Use:

Using our Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Labels is simple:

Clean the surface of the fire extinguisher to ensure it's free of dust and grease.

Peel off the backing of the label.

Stick the label on the designated area of the fire extinguisher.

Fill out the necessary details using a permanent marker.


Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Labels are an indispensable tool for safety and compliance. By choosing our labels, you're not just purchasing a product but investing in safety and peace of mind. Ensure that your fire safety equipment is checked, compliant, and ready for emergencies.

Contact Us: For bulk orders, special pricing, or any other inquiries, feel free to contact us. Your safety is our priority!