Lettering Height Explained

When deciding on your lettering height, its important to understand that not all letters measure the same height and width.

Upper Case (Capitals)

Generally with most fonts, when working in capitals the letter heights are the same apart from the letter ‘Q’, this make it easier to work out your sizes.

Lower Case

In lower case the letters vary somewhat as seen in the illustration, to be sure your letters all match, you would select the letter height that fits and understand some letters will be smaller i.e. ‘a’ and some would be greater i.e. ‘g’ meaning that if you have a mix of upper case and lowercase the total line height will be approximately 130% of the chosen letter height.

Note: Percentages shown in the illustration can vary from one font to another.

By using our online designer software, you select the area of your sign and place your lettering onto it, this way you can be sure it will fit and also be sure on the layout..!