Ashby Netball Club Set New World Record

8th March 2023

HFE Donate a free Printed Banner in support of Ashby Netball Clubs charity world record attempt and it paid off!

HFE are known for their generosity and commitment to support local events and good causes. When approached by the team asking for a little support by means of donating a 8x3ft printed banner it was agreed immediately.

HFE set a budget each year for supporting such events and charities, and this budget is shared with discretion.

Thanks to the forward thinking of the team the event quickly gained traction throughout social media channels and in no time the love and support was evident by the donations quickly rolling in.

The results have spoken!

The amazing team set out with the following goals and the results far exceeded their expectations:

Number of participants 35

Current WR – 14,246

Target – 15000              Achieved 28745

Target £15,000              Achieved £19,639


More information on this incredible group of young ladies can be found here