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Pub Banners
26th July 2021

The Pub’s Open!

The Pub’s Open! It’s great to see packed pubs, busy hotels and restaurants thriving as they should be – with the strict lockdown of the hospitality and ...Read More

Foamex Signs
11th May 2021

Why Foamex for Rigid Signs?

Foamex for Rigid Signs Foamex is a plastic recyclable expanded pvc material and is not the same as foamcore! In fact - foamex is a solid rigid board that doesn’t c ...Read More

Keeping it affordable with PVC Banners
9th May 2021

Keeping it affordable with PVC Banners

Keeping it affordable with PVC Banners We understand the importance of a good deal but we’re going further than that and keeping some of our favourite great deals ...Read More

PVC Banner Sizes
19th October 2018

PVC Banner Sizes

A common question often asked to banner printers is - What sizes are PVC Banners? People in the trade will soon tell you that although certain sizes are more popular the ...Read More

How much do banners cost
7th October 2018

How much do banners cost?

How much do banners cost? Click> Banner Price Calculator How much do banners cost and are they worth the investment? PVC Banners (also known as Vinyl Banners) can co ...Read More

Tatty Banner
11th February 2018

Tatty Banners won't work

Here’s why Tatty Banners won't work Banners are a great way to share your message with the consumer and promote your brand. However, a grimy, old tatty banner migh ...Read More

How to Design Effective Signs
9th January 2018

How to Design Effective Signs

In today’s ever-changing and competitive business world, advertising is a topmost priority for individuals and businesses who want to stay relevant. While we’ ...Read More

Why You Should Use a Pavement Sign
13th November 2017

Why You Should Use a Pavement Sign

One of the simplest but most effective ways of boosting sales and raising interest in your business is through the use of pavement signs. Ideal for use in outdoor environ ...Read More

Christmas Banner Printing
23rd October 2017

We've gone banner printing crazy for Christmas!

With Christmas approaching fast we, at HFE Signs have decided to get in the Christmas spirit early and start giving away some crazy deals. You’ve probably already b ...Read More

Old Banners Don’t work
19th September 2017

Old Banners Don’t work

PVC Banners are a proven form of advertising, it is hard to walk far in a city or town centre without spotting a banner or two tied to a fence or railings. Whether it&rsq ...Read More