FREE School Banners

24th June 2022

Free Banners for Schools & PTA’s


PTA’s are working so hard up and down the country thinking of events and sharing ideas with each other over social media in a desperate effort to raise much needed funds for our Schools. We all want to give as much as we can in order to provide our ‘little people’ with the best schooling experience possible. HFE understand the importance of marketing and the importance of making it a success. A successful event is only successful if you get the desired turnout, and this is where your banners are a key factor.

When ordering banners the key points to consider are as follows:

  • Size – If your banner is too small it won’t get impact, the most popular size is 8ft x 3ft
  • Position – Where is your banner going and will it be seen by your desired audience?
  • Design – A good bold design will work best, who will design your banner?
  • Budget – Can you afford it, and will you get a good return on investment?


HFE have solved all these problems for you and are committed to helping Schools and PTA’s.

Size & Position

Decide where your banner is going and be sure to have permission – measure the available space and take time to be sure it fits nicely. Remember a small banner won’t work as well in a large space, equally a banner too big will look messy if it wraps at the edges or is too tall for a railing or fence.



HFE offer a FREE design service with all Printed Signs and Banners, so email the team at with 1) The size of your banner. 2) Your key information & 3) your images and logos. The HFE design team will work their magic and send you over a proof. Please review your changes with others before replying to HFE so you can be 100% sure on all your changes and the proof can be updated.


Well, this is the best part! HFE offer banners for FREE to Schools and PTA’s – All the information on this can be found here FREE School Banners