Baskerville has the X Factor!

20th December 2016

Here at HFE, we’re making weird and wonderful signs for every walk of life

We’re not sure whether Baskerville is a person or a place, nor are we sure why this person or place has the X Factor!

However, we’re certain that the customer in question was happy when their various signage arrived on the doorstep in prompt fashion. There was a mixture of banners that HFE enjoyed creating for this particular exercise, with various sizes and materials used to create that showbiz effect.

The bottom line is that we enjoy providing banners for every situation that you can possibly imagine. It might be that an independent corner shop requires a PVC banner to proudly display their wares.

There are also schools that get in touch requiring a display item to advertise their latest event. This might be a summer party or Christmas fair, with these banners being used to great effect in and around the school gates. After all, parents are bringing their children to school every day and they can’t help but notice them!

We’re just as comfortable creating banners for individuals wanting to greet royal members like Kate Middleton to their town as large companies who want a large batch of advertising banners to promote the latest meal deals for their chain of public houses up and down the country.

Our PVC banners continue to be a best seller for every occasion, with free UK delivery available when two or more are ordered. They have been proven time and again to be the most cost effective way of advertising and HFE are determined to get the products out for next day delivery providing that they have been ordered by 11am that particular day.

In addition to free UK delivery and next day banners, there’s also something special that you can enjoy as a customer of HFE. We have created a free artwork service which is completely bespoke and allows customers plenty of freedom when it comes to getting their products right.

We often find that customers such as “Baskerville has the X Factor” need a helpful steer with regard to the creation of their display items, although some companies have a very firm idea of what products they want to order. Some businesses provide their own logo and even a particular font, which needs to be used for the creation of a banner.

HFE Signs are in business all year round, with display products being created for every occasion imaginable. Christmas is a particular busy time for us, although it’s more the build-up when businesses are looking for ways to promote their festive service, whether that is a pub, restaurant, hotel, garden centre or theatre.

However, HFE is not just for Christmas and we cater for those wanting a banner for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Bonfire Night or just a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding anniversary or a celebration of any kind.

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