Cheap Mono Banners

30th June 2014

HFE Mono Banners are 30% Cheaper! Mono Banners consist of simply black text on a white banner, no images or logos.

We understand that sometimes banners are only required for a short period of time and its hard to justify spending the money. Our solution to this is the HFE Mono Banners. Mono Banners are a cheap alternative and consist of nothing more than black text on a white background. The simplicity means we can print them faster, we don’t have to colour profile anything, design time is minimal and the ink cost is lower. The overall saving is passed on to the customer to enable us to offer cheap banners when a basic banner is sufficient.


The quality of the material, eyelets and finishing is all the same quality as the more expensive products. Quality is certainly not compromised, the cost saving is purely down to the simplicity of the print and colours.

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