Did you know the sign fitting cost is often more than the sign itself?

13th March 2017

Traditionally sign makers offer a complete all in price for the design, supply and fitting of your shop or business signs. Once you’ve got over the initial shock, sat down and had a drink you come to terms with it and just put it down to something you need. You accept this cost as something your business needs, you take it on the chin as a cost you have to pay and put it down to a one off expense.

95% of Signs are made up of digital print onto a rigid material, the material cost and the inks that are used don’t cost the earth, so it’s no surprise that your signs cost is relatively cheap, however employing fitters and buying vans does bring big overheads, this has to be covered and bumps up your sign cost significantly.

In reality the actual cost you’ve been quoted is made up of the three parts mentioned above (design, the sign itself and the fitting). But do you have a choice? and do you have to pay out this much? Not if you buy from HFE, in fact you don’t only save the fitting cost by doing your own DIY installation but you also save the design cost, yes its true! HFE Signs don’t charge for a basic design!

HFE Signs have been supplying the UK for over 20yrs with Mail Order Signs, PVC Banners, Flags, Pavement Signs, Rigid Signs, Shop Signs and much more. And if that’s not enough, read some of their Trust Pilot reviews and see what their customers say.

So if you want to save on your next sign, do the smart thing and visit www.hfe-signs.co.uk

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