How much is a Banner & do PVC Banners actually work?

21st March 2017

You often see PVC Banners outside pubs, hotels, sports centres, businesses and almost anywhere else you can think of. But, do they actually work? And are they a cost effective form of advertising?

If we look at the typical cost of a magazine advert, research tells us you can pay anything between £100 - £575+vat for a quarter page advert in a reputable magazine, a newspaper advert can be even higher, 10,000 leaflets A5 single sided will cost you anything between £100-£200 depending on quality, on top of this you will have to get them distributed. A Printed PVC Banner from HFE Signs can be as cheap as £13.99+vat with FREE UK delivery when you buy two or more. The most common and most effective size is the 8ft x 3ft banner, this is priced at just £24.99+vat for mono (black text only) or £45+ vat for full colour.

So short answers are yes and yes! PVC Banners are a great form of advertising especially if they are strategically placed in an area of heavy footfall or passing traffic. The great thing is; you have a good size display local to your promotion or attraction, you can shout out your USP’s or promote your event and catch people with your deals as they pass by. Keeping your banner fresh is key, for maximum impact you should change your banner every 2 – 4 weeks or even have a few deals and rotate them! Considering other marketing costs Printed Banners are extremely cost effective and unlike a magazine or newspaper they are on display for longer periods of time and working for you 24/7.

PVC Banner Printing is much more cost effective nowadays due to the vast improvements in technology. Years ago cut vinyl was applied to banners by hand and correctly aligned and spaced to create your finished artwork, this was costly in terms of time and materials and the more detailed the design the more time it took and the higher the cost. Nowadays everything is designed on the computer and sent directly to the print machines, the banners are then trimmed, hemmed and eyeletted, this process is much more efficient and allows for unlimited colours and no extra cost! Printed banners are much better overall as nothing can peel or be picked off and artwork detail is limitless, so you can use your imagination and be really creative with your design.

HFE have the option for you to design your own artwork online, alternatively you can have a design made for you for no additional cost, HFE offer a FREE Design service for all products! HFE even have a massive online library of standard banners to give you ideas for your own promotions and deals, all these standard banners can be modified at no additional cost.