Embracing Innovation: HFE Signs Boosts Production with a second New 3.2m Wide Printer

1st May 2023

In an exciting step forward, HFE Signs, the UK's leading provider of high-quality banners, has significantly expanded its production capacity with the addition of a second state-of-the-art 3.2m wide printer. This upgrade not only bolsters the company’s production capabilities but also aligns with its commitment to delivering exceptional quality and service to its customers.

Expanding the Horizons

The introduction of another 3.2m wide printer is a game-changer for HFE Signs. This advanced machinery allows the company to print larger banners in a single piece, minimising the need for joins and seams, thus ensuring superior aesthetic quality and durability. This enhancement in production capabilities empowers HFE Signs to fulfil large-scale orders more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Increasing Capacity, Retaining Quality

While the new printer significantly amplifies HFE Signs’ production capacity, it does not compromise on the exceptional quality that the company is renowned for. The 3.2m printer utilises cutting-edge technology to deliver crisp, vibrant images, ensuring that even at larger scales, the printed banners retain the visual impact and clarity that HFE’s customers have come to expect.

A Positive Impact on Delivery Times

This increase in production capacity also translates into faster delivery times. With the ability to produce larger quantities of banners more swiftly, HFE Signs can guarantee even quicker turnarounds, further solidifying its reputation for providing excellent service in record time.

A Testament to Customer Satisfaction

HFE Signs' investment in this advanced printing technology reflects its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The company's Trustpilot rating stands testament to this - a sterling 5 stars, earned through a consistent record of excellent products, prompt delivery, and superior customer service.

In Conclusion

The installation of the second new 3.2m wide printer marks an exciting milestone for HFE Signs, enabling it to set new standards in banner production. With the ability to produce larger, high-quality banners at a faster rate, HFE Signs continues to solidify its position as the go-to provider for all banner needs across the UK.