Flag up your Business with our Fantastic PVC Banners

30th May 2016

Businesses are using PVC Banners and Flags at Festivals, Outdoor Shows and Events this Summer

Summer is slowly creeping up on us and the warmest (!) season of the year affords businesses the opportunity to make a big splash when it comes to outdoor events.

Our PVC banners and other brilliant products are designed for all seasons, although they can really shine when it comes to an outdoor setting such as a festival, summer show or other event which attracts plenty of people.

Outdoor advertising has been proven to work highly effectively and the great thing about the PVC banners at HFE is that you can customise your products to get the design and message bang on.

We say the great thing, although there’s also the fact that they are cheap, durable and we’ll even deliver them for free providing that you order at least two PVC banners which start from as little as £13.99.

Head over to our Feather Flag and Sail Banners and you’ll spot several products that you already recognise. That is because we already have stacks of clients who have ordered feather banners, sail banners and quills for their advertising purposes.

Our flags were made for outdoor use and provide a real wow factor when it comes to outdoor shows where you want to catch the eye of passing footfall and stand apart from the competition.

Events organisers have also commented that the use of flags in addition to PVC banners adds a professional feel when it comes to exhibiting and they are certainly a credible marketing product which the dye-sublimation ensuring that the colours are vibrant and stand out a mile.

Festival organisers are also keen to use advertising flags and PVC banners when it comes to hosting an outdoor event, with these products fantastic when it comes to signposting the different features.

Our free-to-use and unique design service for banners means that you can play around with a design until you’re completely happy that the look and feel will be fantastic on any advertising product. Then it’s a simple case of ordering and letting us take care of delivery.

Providing your PVC banners are ordered by 11am on a particular working day, then we can arrange for next day dispatch so don’t worry if you’ve got a short turnaround time as we’re use to dealing with deadlines on a daily basis!

Head over to our Banners Stands & Displays section for further creative ideas when it comes to hosting your outdoor show or event. Roll-up banners, soft ground banner posts and standard duty banner frames are all part of the mix, with HFE looking to cater for any type of outdoor event.

We appreciate that everyone has different business needs and operate with a tight budget, so we’ve got all angles covered to make sure outdoor advertising can be facilitated in the most effective and efficient way.

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