Get Your Irons in the Fire with Fantastic Golf Banners at HFE

7th March 2016

Golf is a beautiful sport. The thrill of hitting a straight long drive down the fairway. The excitement of watching your ball drop on to the green and roll towards the pin. The ecstasy of witnessing your putt drop into the cup!

Here at HFE, we get golf and that makes us your one stop shop when it comes to getting banners made to promote your golfing business activities.

You might run a golf course with slots for new members. Now there isn’t a golf course in the UK that doesn’t have plenty of space, it kind of goes with the territory! Therefore, you can fill your boots without blowing the budget on some excellent PVC banners to get the message across.

Many golf courses are now diversifying by offering pay-as-you-go deals for budding members and we cater for any marketing message you might want to project on to your display item. We offer a free design service should you fancy making your own banner or alternatively we can work as a team to get a first-class product made up.

The same applies with corporate golf events and these are now hitting full swing as the spring and summer months come into play. Naturally, there are big margins to be enjoyed from business golf days and generating new leads can be readily achieved by creating a banner or two to ensure the tills continue to ring throughout the year.

When it comes to corporate events, HFE also have plenty of experience when it comes to creating bespoke flags for VIP days which add a certain je ne sais quoi for customers that attend these special occasions.

Head over to the Feather Flags and Sail Banners to see what we mean. We have all manner of exciting products, ranging from Zoom Feather Flags to the Wind Dancers. And yes, as the name suggests, these bad boys will stand the test of any elements even if your golf skills might come under closer scrutiny!

Similarly, you might be a golf instructor or have a golf course where the pro is offering lessons to members or non-members. Naturally, a brand spanking new PVC banner can advertise the rates or special deals that become available and ensure that customers continue to flock to the premises to spend money on lessons, golf and the all-important refreshments.

Indeed, we have golf courses who want to advertise the fact that they have function rooms available for corporate meetings or social evenings. Or there’s the lure of having Sky Sports and BT Sport to attract football-loving members who can enjoy an evening of food, drink and the other beautiful game.

The great thing about golf courses is that you have bigger areas for marketing and HFE banner stands and displays are perfect for this, it’s criminal to not use these spaces to full effect. Soft Ground Banner Posts can make a big impact where there is grass not being used for the purposes of play, while we have Heavy Duty Banner Frames for those serious about making a statement.

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