HFE Raise £100 to help Nina

13th November 2014

Please help this young lady..

(Taken from Nina's fundraising page)

Hi my name is Nina,

I'm not unusual, but I have a what we are led to believe is a rare condition (or rarely diagnosed is closer to the truth) called EDS   and a life threatening complication from EDS called CCI. I was born with EDS III or Hypermobility as its also known as.  CCI or Cervical Cranio Instability has left me classed as disabled and taken many things away from me, including my independence and so much more. I need £70,000 to raise for surgery in the USA because i can not get this surgery in the UK. It is my only option to get to the USA

You can make a donation here: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/bid-up-for-brain-surgery-/149744

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