HFE give Denstone Preschool a helping hand this Christmas

4th January 2016

We’ve donated a few items to help raise £398.39 for a wonderful local cause.

As well as making the best banners in the world for all our customers, here at HFE we like to also give something back and that has been in evidence this Christmas.

Anyone who has recently frequented the Tesco in Uttoxeter or Denstone Hall Farm Shop will have seen some lovely ladies raising money for Denstone Preschool. These funds are very handy when it comes to getting extra resources for the children to enhance their learning ahead of attending school.

We decided to come up with something imaginative, donating a giant teddy so that people could donate some money by guessing the name of this huge bear! The answer was then revealed and the lucky winner had to make space in their house for this loveable creature.

We also put our banner skills to the test by creating a lovely roll up banner that can be transported between locations. As you’ll see from the picture, it does exactly what it says on the tin, namely explain the competition and what people have to do.

It was also nice for the fundraising ladies to have a nice collection bucket so we added that in as part of the service. Well done to everyone who has helped this excellent cause, we can guarantee that the money raised will be put to good use.

This is just the latest of a long line of charitable acts carried out by HFE. We’re especially keen in reaching out to local communities and giving them a helping hand when it comes to fundraising or display items that will add extra to whatever they are trying to achieve.

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