HFE - New LED workshop lighting

15th November 2022

How much money will I save by switching to LED lighting?

For the last two and a half days we have been changing our 400w workshop bay lighting to 150W LED (14 units in total).

Reducing our energy consumption is essential for the environment and it also acts as an offset with increasing prices, this saving helps us to keep our product and banner prices as low as possible across our full range.

Although we calculated the lighting output to match the new to the old, after switching them on, it was so bright that we decided to rewire the switching so we could have every other light on, it was still brighter than before. We can only assume the older bay lights had lost efficiency over time.

With the new wiring and brighter lights we now have the option for bright or super bright. Normal running mode will now be a total of 1.05kW where before was 5.6kW

Project Costing
Lights Total £816.48+vat
Cable £29.72+vat
Junction boxes £30+vat
Hire Cherry Picker £335+vat
Total £1211.20+vat

Our print workshop lights are typically on for 9hrs per day (5-days) 180hrs per month making a saving of 819kWhrs per month.

Based on current rate (expires Feb) of 15.3p per kWh
Saves £125.31 per month

Based on our renewal quote of 57.4p per kWh
Saves £470.11 per month

The reason we wanted to share this information, is to highlight the cost savings available to everyone commercial and domestic by switching lighting to LED technology.