HFE Rolls Up to Make Another Charitable Donation

23rd March 2015

We give something back as the Wipe Your Tears charity gets a free banner

There are stacks of worthwhile charities out there and here at HFE, we try to support as many as possible.

Wipe Your Tears is one such organisation, with this registered charity being established in 2003 and having a simple mission statement of “if you wipe your tears, we will help you smile”.

For over ten years, the charity has now been focussed on helping children in hospitals, making lives easier for parents and carers by arranging Christmas presents or medical assistance thanks to donations from the greater good.

Therefore, when Wipe Your Tears got in touch with news that they would be exhibiting at the recent Expo North West, then we were only too happy to help in terms of arranging a roll up banner that would fit the bill.

Turf Moor, home of Burnley FC, was the venue for the exhibition and we rustled up the best possible banner incorporating the charity’s logo along with key information about what their aims were.

We trust that the Expo was a big success for the charity and it was the latest in a long line of roll-up banners and banner stands that we have created for worthwhile causes, such as local schools, scout groups and charities.

You will find more information about our pop-up banners in the Banner Stands & Displays section which is housed under Products at the HFE website.

Our variety of indoor and outdoor display systems means that we can tailor a solution when it comes to any occasion or event that is going on. Sometimes, we get individual requests such as the lady who wanted a special PVC banner to greet the Duchess of Cambridge on a recent royal tour of Margate.

As per the above, sometimes charities make contact with us, while companies often find our website and order a mixture of banners in bulk which can then be adorned outside their chain of pubs, restaurants, gyms or any other line of business.

There are multiple options when it comes to choosing the right banner for you and most businesses start off with a budget roll-up banner or three. There are several advantages here, including the fact that you don’t need any tools to assemble the banner once it arrives from HFE headquarters.

The process begins when you visit the HFE website and head to the Products section where you can peruse a multitude of options and fill your online shopping basket accordingly.

Once you have ordered your banners or banner display systems, we then work with customers to ensure they get the design of the products bang on! We know you won’t settle for anything but the best and our free online design service is aimed at ensuring that you are left feeling value for money has been had.

Our customer feedback has been terrific in 2015, with TrustPilot attesting to the fact that we are the market leaders when it comes to ordering quality banners in a quick and cost-effective fashion.

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