HFE Signs give Mickleover Primary School a Helping Hand

28th November 2017

A banner goes a long way for a local school as they aim to generate important funds

Here at HFE, we’re always happy to give something back and this was the case with Mickleover Primary School in Derbyshire.

The school ran a Christmas Fair on Saturday 2 December and, for the second year running, HFE Signs were on hand to produce a festive banner for the occasion.

The banner was placed in a prominent position near the school gates so that children, parents and grandparents could be reminded that the Christmas Fair was taking place, along with the relevant date and time.

This banner placement is a prime example of how outdoor signs from HFE can work very well in a school, college or university environment. While text and email messages can often be scanned over, outdoor banners such as this one can reinforce the sales or marketing message that is being projected.

Mickleover Primary School were delighted to have this eye-catching banner, with spokesman Matthew Glazier saying: “We give a warm thanks to HFE for their kind generosity for supplying this banner. With the event now running on a Saturday, it’s important that we remind parents when the Christmas Fair is taking place.

“This banner is singularly the most important way of directing the message about the Christmas Fair, as well as showcasing some of the excellent features that are going to be present.”

HFE have developed a reputation for creating a variety of signs and banners that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These are always cost-effective and it’s been proven that this type of marketing can be more effective than others.