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24th June 2014

About the charity (taken from their website)

About Us And Our vision

We are the family of a very special 'Potters Angel' called Charlie Arthur Curtis.

After Charlies death, in December 2012, we found that there was ​little or no support out there for bereaved/grieving families.

The support we received  fell well below any standard a grieving family should recieve, We want our experience to help improve

the support available to other parents and  families in the future. 

We want to raise awareness of the needs of bereaved parents and  families, to make sure every parent leaves hospital with a

after-care plan in place which will involve midwifes Gps and and full support networks.  

We aim to open a bereavement centre that is open 24 hours aday 7 days a week that will provide relevant information,

bereavement counsellors and  support so bereaved parents and families can access the bereavement support they need, when they need it.

Our Vision   

​For every parent and family member  in the UK to be able to find the help they need to support their physical and emotional wellbeing.

We want Charlies-Angel-Centre to be a place people can contact any time of the day or night for support and comfort.

Grief is a very lonely place and if we can make it a little easier for just one person we have succeeded

We know that we can't take away the pain that is caused by the loss of your child, but what we do hope is that through Charlies-Angel-Centre 

we can offer a place of support and understanding, .

Our Mission

To serve as the home of help and support for parents and there families who have lost a baby or child, providing a free, confidential, multi-channel helpline services

that enables people to find any help they seek, when they need it, and via the method of communication more comfortable to the individual.

HFE’s Free Banner will assist with campaigns and events to raise much needed funds for the charity.

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