HFE Support School Safer Cycling by donating a FREE Banner

29th October 2014

The Windsor Boys' School Safer Cycling Team

This team was set up by the pupils, for the safety of the pupils attending The Windsor Boys' School.

Use your head and wear a helmet.

So helmets may not look or feel cool, but they are defiantly cool when they save your life. Stowes Cycles in Windsor and Slough are offering 10% off when you buy any bicycle helmet or lock in-store. All you need to do is tell them you are from The Windsor Boys' School and the discount will be applied.

RED means STOP

Red lights may be tempting to jump as you don't want to have to wait along time until they change to green.Don't risk your life, the lights are on red to protect you.Don't break the law, you can be fined £30 for jumping red lights.

HFE’s Free Banner will assist in raising awareness of the ongoing campainges to increase safety for cyclists.

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