How to deal with travellers on your car park

10th September 2017

Nobody wants travellers turning up at their workplace and setting up camp in their car park. Travellers are almost certain to cause some level of disruption and put off potential customers. However not all travellers are criminals and some of them will only be looking to stay for a short period, so if you can get along and speak with them it will be the best approach.

When travellers turned up at HFE Signs it was during the working day and completely unexpected. Travellers can only be removed by the police if they have 6 or more vehicles (a caravan and a car makes 2 vehicles) or if they cause criminal damage or they are threatening or abusive. Alternatively you can get a court order but this will cost you money and it will take 14 days, they will most likely be gone before the 14 day anyway.

The travellers are likely to tell you they are on holiday and are staying for two weeks, they may leave litter on the floor and have children playing and even urinating openly for people to see. Initially their plan is to cause you some distress so you offer them a payment to leave.

How to deal with travellers with minimal disruption:

  1. Calmly ask them how long they intend to stay, and explain you will not be paying them to leave.
  2. Explain you will not be giving them water.
  3. Don’t accept any money if they offer.
  4. Be polite, and give them a bin, ask them to respect your property and keep themselves clean and tidy.
  5. Tell them they are being monitored and recorded by CCTV, point out the signs and cameras.
  6. Ask the police to visit you to explain your rights, a visible police visit will help prevent any theft or damage.

You can prevent travellers access to your carpark with a barrier or a chain, if they break entry this will constitute criminal damage and the police have the powers to remove them. You may wish to park staff cars in a fashion to minimise the available space.