Old Banners Don’t work

19th September 2017

PVC Banners are a proven form of advertising, it is hard to walk far in a city or town centre without spotting a banner or two tied to a fence or railings. Whether it’s a safety message, promotional advert or branding PVC Banners are used for a wide range of purposes.

For banners to be successful it is crucial that the main points are put across in a bold and clear way, a cluttered design simply won’t work. At HFE we have been designing banners and banner printing since 1996 so we can honestly say we know what we’re doing! Furthermore HFE don’t charge for banner design!

Keeping your design fresh is important, if you only have one message, your banner will work best if you have several designs that you can rotate weekly. Rotating designs and promotions keep your audience engaged with your message.

Banners need to be hung correctly with all the eyelets secured, if a banner has a corner flapping about in the wind, the print will become scuffed and a tatty banner won’t help with any promotion. As soon as your banner becomes dirty or worn, it’s time to say it’s done its job and you’re ready for a fresh new one, and when you can get a full colour PVC Banner 8ft x 3ft designed and printed for just £45+vat it’s a very cost effective form of advertising. If you order two banners, then the delivery is also free of charge with HFE. And it gets better still – confirm your proof and complete your order by 11am for next working day (UK mainland).

HFE Signs are also a highly trusted supplier of Signs and Banners, you can read over 2,000 reviews from our satisfied customers on TrustPilot. HFE have a team of experienced designers waiting to take your call, your contact will walk you through the process and do all the work for you making the process as easy as possible. Order your banners today – Call 01283 576017

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