Parents and Clients join HFE to Celebrate End of Summer

30th August 2016

The summer of 2016 ends and that means children and young adults are heading to school, college and university

How were your summer holidays? That’s a question that gets repeatedly asked at the beginning of September, although most parents are secretly relieved to be packing off their children back to school for the start of a brand new year!

Indeed, while the summer months of heading to the park, lazing in the garden or going on day trips to National Trust sites are appreciated, the novelty wears off quickly and the beginning of autumn is beckoned by many a mother and father.

Here at HFE, the start of a new school, college and university year means a busy time for our staff. When your main line of work involves the production of fantastic PVC banners, then businesses are keen to utilise your services with their latest “Back to School” promotions.

After all, parents often need to splash the cash in lots of ways. Children tend to continue growing over the summer and that means new school uniforms, shoes and PE kit are often a necessity. Even us parents can remember having our feet measured and fitted with shiny new black numbers before the start of the school term.

In addition to businesses, we often have schools who are keen to utilise our services and our PVC banners don’t exactly break the bank irrespective of the budget in question. With free delivery for two or more banners and a speedy despatch / delivery operation, you can have your display items in the space of a couple of days.

Colleges and universities are also keen to get PVC banners made up for a variety of events, especially when it comes to the new intake who need their hands holding a little more than the others.

Take freshers who are heading to university and leaving home for the first time. Any university worth their salt will have a Freshers Week or even a Freshers Fortnight (!) and that involves lots of social events that involve alcohol, awkwardness and more alcohol.

Promotions companies who are hosting events require engaging display products to help attract new students, while the same applies for those who have set up a club or society within their respective college or university.

The great news is that you can choose exactly what to put on your PVC banners when it comes to the logo and message (providing it’s clean and above board!). We have a free design service which can be utilised and our friendly staff are on hand to help you get the look and feel right.

In terms of attaching the PVC banners, there are rust-proof eyelets which means that providing you have some open space to place your display item, then your marketing or sales message should stand out in a crowd and also withstand any weather elements in an outdoor environment.

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