The Women’s Institute Provide a Warm Welcome with HFE

6th July 2016

The Newhall and District WI create a classic banner for national cycle race

Here at HFE, we have a range of customers. There are big businesses that run a chain of shops, restaurants or leisure centres. There are small companies that might have a couple of premises. Then there are individuals or groups of people who just want a special sign for a particular occasion.

The Newhall and District Women’s Institute fall into the latter category, with this hardy crew of ladies recently contacting HFE in search of a banner to provide an extra warm welcome.

On 18 June 2016, the Aviva Ladies Cycle Race was scheduled to come through Newhall, with the Women’s Institute feeling that the occasion required some kind of signage to illustrate what a friendly bunch of people live in the area!

Using their fabulous WI logo and tagline “Inspiring Women”, they used our bespoke design service to come up with a classic black-and-white design for a PVC banner.

The PVC banner was then attached in a prominent place on some railings and the ladies from the WI could then wave their Union Jacks and cheer on the lady cyclists as they came whizzing through the locality.

On this occasion, our friendly staff at HFE were able to offer plenty of assistance to the ladies to make sure that the look and feel of the banner was correct. The great thing about the banner was that the message is generic (and welcoming!) enough for the display item to be used over and over again.

That’s because our banners are not flimsy and are designed to stand the test of time. We use good quality materials to ensure that not only do the banners remain robust in fierce British weather conditions, but the inks we use are also high quality which keeps the banner looking box fresh time after time.

We’d like to thank Mary Woodward, the secretary of the Newhall & District WI for getting in touch with us regarding the banner. It’s always nice to hear from some happy customers and they tend to fall into that category.

Indeed, a quick survey of the TrustPilot reviews on our website will testify to the fact that we’ve fared well on customer satisfaction since starting the business. It’s important to know that we’re providing a competitive service while still maintaining a high level of quality that few others can match.

The banner design service used by the WI is a free and bespoke one. No charge will be made by HFE until you’re happy with the banner design. You can choose to bring your own images, logos and text to the party or instead use us for inspirational ideas.

We also have several ready-made banner templates which can either be used straight up or instead be modified to ensure that you come away with the banner that you’ve always dreamed about!

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