Why can’t you just install CCTV?

11th September 2017

If you install CCTV at your workplace or business you could land yourself in bother. It seem quite unfair as your intention is simply to protect your property, your goods and most importantly your staff.

The law states that if you install CCTV in a business or commercial environment you have a duty to inform people they are being recorded. The simple and most effective way of doing this is to use CCTV Warning Signs. HFE produce these signs at very competitive rates on a range of materials from self-adhesive vinyl to hard wearing long life aluminium laminate. HFE can even produce larger format signage like outdoor PVC Banners for events and exhibitions where CCTV notification is required.

So whether you’re a shop in the town centre, large department store, hospital or hotel or even a large scale outdoor event HFE can help you with your CCTV signage requirements.

Contact HFE today to discuss your requirements and one of the sales and design team will be more than happy to advise, and remember HFE don’t charge for design setup and all proofs are made before any payment is asked for!

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