Installing Banners

Banner installation tips

It is very important to ensure your PVC Banners are correctly fitted to ensure they don’t come loose, flap about or even tear in strong winds.

It is always important that you secure your banner with all of the eyelets. We calculate the number of eyelets based on the size of your banner. If some eyelets are not secured then additional stress it put upon the eyelets you do secure and potentially could cause the banner to rip.

If your banner is being mounted against a fence then zip ties are the perfect way to secure your banner.

If your banner is being mounted to frame work then banner ties offer the best method, the elastic will allow the banner to move and prevent the banner from tearing.

If you intend to ‘string up’ your banner we recommend elastic rope, again it is important to secure all of the eyelets, you can either cut the rope into short pieces and tie into place or you can weave in and out the eyelets and pull the rope tight. We do recommend having the additional corner strength when using this method of mounting.

To mount your banner to a solid wall you will need to drill and plug your wall, using over size washers you can screw your banner through the eyelets to secure.

We do offer a variety of banner finishes to accommodate almost every situation, to find out more see banner finishing.